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Arrange Your Dry Cleaned Garments Efficiently With Conveyor System


Garment sorting system for dry cleaner is used to keep your orders in rotation. Dry cleaning and garment conveyor systems are used to transfer your garments to different areas of your warehouse, shop or delivery outlet. Top class material handling solutions are garment conveyors that deal with more number of garment identification and rotation. This type of clothing conveyor system can handle operations easily and quickly.

Garment sorting system for dry cleaner includes storage conveyors, automated drop off and assembly with operations sorted. This conveyor system maximizes the use of space by offering compact storage and an efficient retrieval system. You can also make use of overhead space by installing dry cleaning handling system while the floors can be used as storage for goods.

Types of garment conveyor-

• Double Tier Conveyor: The storage capacity is doubled up in this double tier conveyor system. It has two levels- upper tier and lower tier, to hang garments, and both can be simultaneously rotated with the same control system. This conveyor system can be afforded by small to medium sized businesses as their prices are not too high.

• Single Double Tier Conveyor: This conveyor system is used by dry cleaning services as it can handle various sized garments efficiently. It is a combination of two conveyors- single tier for longer garments and double tier for shorter garments. It is easy to adjust tier arrangements and maximizes the storage capacity.

• Floor to Ceiling Conveyor: One of the smart options is floor to ceiling conveyors as it makes the use of empty ceiling space. Your goods can be quickly transported into your unused ceiling space through these conveyor systems.

• V-Dip Vertical Conveyor: These v-dip conveyors are best suitable for narrow or very limited floor spaced stores. It uses all the available overhead space while floor space for only one garment.

If you are thinking about buying a garment sorting system for dry cleaner, the manufacturers will help you in installing the conveyors. At first, they visit to the site to inspect and help you choose the type of garment handling system you can install depending on the capacity. Structural integrity and measurements will be checked of your space and then system is fitted of choice at a convenient time. If you have existing conveyor system then overhead clothing conveyor system is combined with it to take care of all your in-house transportation and storage needs.

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