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DTA Design Group specializes in every aspect of residential design whether it be a principal residence, second home or condo. We also offer services for hotels and commercial work.

Home Improvement Toronto – Meet Your Property and Renovation Goals

David Thomas & Associates (DTA) announces quality home improvement, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation and other services at very competitive prices. We commence with a consultation to outline your goal and seek out your desire on relevant project. We work with you and select the highest quality products to give desired look to your project. The desire to improve the home’s overall size and layout is most demanding in Toronto. DTA is a fully certified home improvement Toronto service provider, who has earned several awards and continued long standing reputation by...
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Trendy Ways to Do custom Home Renovations on Low Cost

If someone wants to maintain a stylish and updated home decor, then there are various terms that can assist that are trend and fad. In most cases, a home renovations fad only continues six several weeks to a season, while a pattern could be finally more than 7 to 11 years. If they wish to do custom home renovations, one might want to try some of these tips, specifically, if there is a limited budget. Color shade is probably the highest essential pattern in the area of home decorating. In...

Get an Innovative Bathroom and Home with Home Renovations

An amazing bathroom is happiness. Yes, bathroom renovations Toronto can give new look to an old bathroom and if someone is looking forward to give a new look to it then they need to make it a smart bathroom. There are various types of smart services for renovation available for your home that can make it amazing. If someone wants to make home a dream home then he or she need to take services of an excellent interior designer who can give wings to their dream. Whodoesn’t want to live...
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Understand Why People Get Their Interiors Designed By Good Designers

People generally think of interior designing in their homes and offices, only when they have a small space to utilize. But that should not be the only criteria to look for designing of items inside the premises. There are many other scientific reasons behind designing the interior, and you must learn about it, so that you may take a logical decision about employing an interior designer for your space. Whether you have a small or big office or home or condo, you must get it designed thoroughly by interior designer,...