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Most of us have naturally discoloured or misshaped teeth or eventually, we tend to lose teeth due to certain incident or accident. All these situations affect our beauty and also our personality. Thus the person who faces any of these problems should opt for cosmetic dentistry. In this, the dentist performs a subtle change or major repair on your teeth depending on the problem faced. Cosmetic dentist in Makati will help to reshape your teeth, close the spaces between them, alter the length, share or size of your teeth, etc. Various procedures can be performed to make your smile beautiful and healthy with very fewer efforts.

Best Makati Dentist for Cosmetic treatments: The cosmetic surgery or treatment helps to repair the minor or major issue of a person. The treatments and procedures are not always for cosmetic purpose but are also used to protect the person from various oral problems. Get the following procedures done from the best Makati Dentist that have great results.
A little insight into the procedures performed in the cosmetic dentistry:

  • Bleaching- A lot of people face the issue of yellow teeth. These issues remain constant even after using good quality brush and toothpaste. Thus the procedure of bleaching is very commonly used to whiten your teeth. The bleaching can be done to either make the yellow teeth white, or some people get it done the get rid of the stains or to get a better shade of the teeth.bleaching is a process which can be done by you even at your residence with correct guidance of your dentist as the amount of content to be used should be correct so that the teeth do not become extra white.
  • Crowns- In this treatment, the best Makati dentist, use a cap which is known as the crowns to regularize the shape of the teeth of the patient. Due to the treatment being expensive and time-consuming crowns are always treated as the last solution. In spite of being an expensive treatment, it is one of the most perfect treatment to get the shapes back into normal shape.
  • Bonding- Bonding is a material that is filed into the patient’s teeth in several dental procedures. This is the material that is used to fill the gaps in and around the teeth and in certain cases it is also used to whiten the teeth. The bonding treatment is the most long-lasting. This is the treatment which is used when you come across cavities and when your tooth is decayed the same is filled and repaired with the help of bonding. One can also use bonding to recolour and reshape the teeth to make them look beautiful. The cosmetic dentist in Makati suggests bonding when the person cannot undergo the process of bleaching in case of tooth whitening.


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