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betaclassified free ads


betaclassified free ads

The effectiveness of placed ads depends on the amount of information that will be contained in it. The more detailed the object is described, the more chances to get responses to the ad. And you can and even need to place photos of the object, which increases the number of ad views several times. And most importantly – do not forget about contact information: phone, email or other types of communication.

Not unimportant factor is the indication of keywords from your ad, because they help search engines to find a specific ad. And the indication of the cost will be useful in order to weed out those who for the sake of idle curiosity will want to call on the proposed object in the ad.

Of course, more responses are received by those ads that are on the first, main page of ad sites. And that is why it is necessary to constantly update the placed ads. On some sites, this is a free procedure, on others you will have to pay for this service, and on the third to” raise ” the ad up the list, it is enough to wait for some time.


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