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Find a Professional for Your Canada US Tax Planning


The Canada-United States border is the longest border in the world between two Countries and also officially known as International Boundary. More people are taking up permanent or temporary residents in Canada or United States, whether for personal or professional reasons. This transition of moving into another country requires financial planning, tax planning and investment management.

There are some domestic and cross border taxation service providers, who helps in tax preparation and tax compliance for clients living, investing, working, transitioning residency and conducting business in US and Canada. Following are the services that is provided by the tax experts-

• US and Canada tax preparation

• Tax planning for Canadians living, working or investing in US and for Americans living, working and investing in Canada

• Tax planning for Americans moving to Canada and Canadians moving to US

• Review of US-Canada tax treaty elections to reduce double taxation

• Canadian foreign tax credit claims in the US

• Tax advice for Americans returning to US and Canadians returning to Canada

• Reporting requirements review for RRSP, RESP, TSFA accounts in the US and cross border inheritances

• Tax planning and preparation for owners of cross border rental properties

For Canadians living in the US, it is very difficult to find a local tax and financial planner who have full knowledge of cross border tax and financial planning, so Canadians have to work with multiple Canadians and US practitioners which lead to costly and inefficient. Most of the planning experts provide the following services to the Canadians living in US-

• For US and Canadian accounts, provides coordinated investment management services

• Specific assets that should remain in Canada or transferred to US, is advised

• While residing in the US, Canadian retirement account distribution strategies is advised

• Advice on cross border estate and financial planning

• Incorporated estate strategies and US gift in financial plan

• Cross border tax planning assistance

• Advice US-Canada Tax Treaty to avoid double taxation

• Retirement benefits guidance such as OAS, CPP, Social security and Medicare

• Currency conversion strategy assistance

• Advice on US stock option and company bonus plan

• Advice on residential and commercial real estate planning

• Review of Health, life, long term care, disability, business and property insurance

• Unique economic and regulatory environment guidance in US

• Personal and professional Canada and US tax preparation including annual foreign account disclosure filings

The expert of tax planning handles all aspects of your tax need to ensure you follow with the relevant tax laws and regulations in US and Canada.

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