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can imagine how tough it is to lose all those important files and bookmarked sites unsaved and un-backed up, right? I am just thankful that my portable hard drive never lost any single photo I got.
Last Thursday may have been a bad day for me, but it gave me a reason to escape for a couple of hours and give my feet the reason to be happy. My last trip to the salon was last Mother’s Day (hubby’s and daughter’s treat) so I had a grand time indeed last Thursday when someone would do the cleaning and painting on my toe-nails without an aching back after. Ha ha ha. I regularly have a sore back every month, when I do the thing myself.
It cost me $45, for a foot spa and pedi and tip. That much, but it was worth it, although NOT really when I came home and saw my dead computer again!
I’m so late for Mommy Moments and for blog hopping to the entries in the memes that I have joined but with a restored and reformatted desktop now, I shall try to really make it on your entries, fellas! Thanks for understanding and I hope everyone gets to have a grand time for the remaining hours of the weekend!


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