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Summers are very hot in Las Vegas and anyone can wish that they had a swimming pool in their area that is available in gated community. This is the reason why gated communities Las Vegas are highly in demand. Many gated communities Las Vegas consist of luxury homes and high income residents, which can make living in a gated community a status symbol for them.

A gated community is a residential area enclosed with a boundary and offers safety and security to the residents. Gated community includes one or more gates that residents and visitors must pass through. Some communities have guard booth with a security staff that ensures only the residents and visitors may pass through the gate. Mostly, gated communities have their name with a clear geographic precision as marked by gates and barriers that control access to the area.

One of the primary purposes of the gated communities is to offer safety and security to the residents that cannot be experienced in the non-gated community. There are other advantages of the gated community besides safety. The residents only have the access to the public areas that include parks, sports such as tennis courts, swimming pool and community centre. The facilities offered by the gated community are dependent on the size of the community.

Advantages of gated community-

• Safe and secure environment: – Gated communities are characterized by a enhanced security systems that encloses strictly monitored entrances, CCTV’s and intercoms to keep a thorough check on all pedestrian, bicyclers and automobiles entering and leaving the society.
• Comfort and luxury: – gated communities added comfort and quality of living with solar power heating, treated water facilities and power back-up.
• Well managed: – Homeowner’s Associations (HOA’s) governs the gated communities by some rules and regulations.
• Opportunity for social interaction: – Gated communities can be considered if you like to socialize and make new friends.
• Higher property values: – The prices of gated communities are slightly higher than independent properties and resale value is also high even in low market condition.

Home buyer rebate Nevada is legally allowed and permitted by the Nevada Real Estate Commission. When a new home or a resale home is sold in Nevada, the buyer’s agent typically makes 3% commission of the base price of the home. On the purchase of new home anywhere in Nevada, some of the agencies pay rebate commission 50% of the agent’s commission paid by the builder. You can apply that credit to either for closing costs, lot premiums, appliance packages, used to pay for upgrades, reducing the price of the home, lender approval or buying down rates for a better interest rate. The choice is yours. The home buyer rebate Nevada commission comes directly from the agent’s commission.

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